3 Mamod SP4

steam engine Mamod SP4 2002 (October!)

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:41
Approximate Date: 2002 (October!)
Owner: Mamodman123
Owner's website: http://www.mamodsteam.tk/

steam engine Mamod SP4 1975-1984

Images: _1_ _2_           TSB Entry:49
Approximate Date: 1975-1984
Owner: Lewis
Owner's website: http://www.lewismamods.piczo.com
Notes: Badged Griffin and George, a special brand manufactured by Mamod for use in schools.

steam engine Mamod SP4 c1980

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:596
Approximate Date: c1980
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/mamod_sp4.html
Notes: Special black and white limited edition livery.